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Committed to healthier smiles, happier lives.

Mobile Dental Management, LLC doing business as Keen Dental Health, has been serving Texans through our mobile dental care units since 2007.

Keen Dental was created to be not just a dental office on wheels, but a mobile dental service organization. Our President, Peg Kramer, comes from a broad background in fitness and wellness, academic advising, business and entrepreneurship, and helping others. Peg has been with Mobile Dental Management, LLC dba Keen Dental Health – since its inception, and envisions Keen Dental as a social entrepreneurship designed to help people live better lives through improved dental health.

More than just a pretty grin.

Tooth decay and dental disease not only hurt physically, but also can hurt your ability to talk, taste, chew, swallow, smell and express yourself. Left untreated, these common conditions can cause pain, distraction, dysfunction, and absences from school or work. They have also been linked to other health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature births.

Cavities and tooth pain are both treatable and preventable, and good oral health is vital to good health overall. So at Keen Dental Health, our mission is to immediately improve dental health and promote dental wellness.

Our people make all the difference.

Keen Dental Health’s staff is professional, efficient and, above all, compassionate. They provide the highest quality of dental care, with a kind and perceptive approach.

Our staff members are known for their skillfulness, their resourcefulness and their ability to adapt appropriately to the patients they’re treating. They have knowledge of and comply with government laws, regulations and program policies. And they’re experts at caring for first-time patients and those with dental anxiety.



Treating General Dentists

  • Dr. Vickie Martinez, DDS
  • Dr. Anthony Sabino, DDS
  • Dr. James W Warren, DDS

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