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Bringing smiles back to people in need.

Keen Dental Health’s mobile units bring high-quality dental care to a diversity of populations who find it challenging to go to a dentist’s office.

Keen-Mobile-Dental-Servics-Central-South-TexasOur mobile units are ultra-clean, sanitary and has streamlined equipment, just like a dentist’s office. Our professional staff practices conscientious, caring dentistry, free of trauma and sedation.

We go wherever we’re needed – and terrific need exists. Dental care is the most common unmet health need of U.S. children; tooth decay affects over 25% of children 6-8 years, and 50% of kids 12-15 years. Among American adults, more than 75% suffer from some form of oral disease. We suspect these numbers may be even greater among the key groups we serve, who might not have a way to reach a dental office.

We offer:

   Dental Exams
  Root Canals

We accept the following payment types:
Cash / Check / Money Order, Credit and Debit Cards, Dental Insurance, Medicaid, ORR, or CHIP

At Keen Dental, we’re happy to help. Our business is dentistry, but our heart is service.


Treatment Centers

Compassionate, sedation-free dental wellness for all types of patients in treatment.
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Residential Children Centers

Our staff offers fully compliant, culturally sensitive dental care for refugees.
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Colleges & Universities

High-quality care for student smiles in a fun, on-campus healthcare environment.
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Businesses & Companies

Show your workers how much you care by delivering on-site dental services.
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With ease and efficiency, we bring back the smiles of school-age kids in need.
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